How to Tell If your Dog Is Pregnant?

If you are wondering whether your dog is pregnant or not then you will have to look minutely at all the symptoms and signs as well as go to the vet. Being the grandparent it is obviously your duty to take care of your dog during this time. So there are certain medications as well as nutrition which should be provided to the dog during this time and this is the reason why the dog’s pregnancy should be detected very early. It has been stated that if the dog is getting pregnant accidentally then it is not a very good sign because the owner should be very much responsible and aware of all the health activities of the dog. So this article is on How to tell if your dog is pregnant?

Signs that you should be looking for

There are several physical symptoms and behaviour that will slightly change after the mating. After 3 weeks or more than that you will be able to detect the pregnancy with your eyes but otherwise, it will be quite hard for you to know. So the signs which you should be looking for is morning sickness, changes in the energy level enlargement of the nipples but in some cases, there are chances that your dog is not going to show you any of these signs. If you’re thinking of determining it by looking into the baby bump then you will definitely have to wait till the last third of the pregnancy. That’s definitely a lot of time, right?

When to go to the Maternity visit?

If you take the dog to the vet doctor, they will confirm whether the dog is pregnant or not. Now you will have to visit the veterinary doctor. Every dog needs a medical expert if they are going through the period of pregnancy. Do not wait for 6 or 8 weeks to visit the doctor because that’s a lot of time considering the pregnancy of a dog. Pregnancies of the dog will only last for 63 days approximately. Whenever you are encountering any kind of signs just go for the appointment with the vet.

Your dog will also need some checkup. Your vet can only tell about the pregnancy of the dog when it has only crossed 28 days into the gestation. This procedure is done with the help of ultrasound or with the palpitation of the old abdominal. Even the blood test is done which shouldn’t be done at your house. For determining the pregnancy of a human the HCG hormone is checked that is human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and when you are checking for your dog’s pregnancy then this is not what you are going to look for. So that pregnancy stick is not going to work for them.

So you will have to know how many puppies are inside that bump and take care of the dog accordingly. Dogs will not know about certain restrictions which they must be maintained during this time so you will have to take care of that otherwise they can also lose the baby in this time and it will be a mental setback for your dog and you of course.