Do you wonder why dogs eat poop? Let’s find out why and how to stop it

When it comes to dogs and their habit of eating poop, we do get a little overwhelmed with it. For all the obvious reasons, anything can be coped up to but eating poop is just unacceptable. Which is why there is a constant question in our minds, which is why dogs eat poop and how to stop it? For, having to see your dog gorge on a lump of poop is so not cute or loveable. They tend to lick us, themselves and every other thing around them. Meaning, anything they lick around them probably contracts some of the germs or poop that they have just had. Therefore, it is our duty as a dog parent to keep a check on their habit and help them stop it. Why do dogs eat poop?

Dogs eat poop for various reasons, some are medical reasons while the rest is just out of habit. The possible medical reasons for their behavior are:

  • Enzyme deficiency

Dogs create enzymes in their body; however, with the processed food unlike the ones in the wild, dogs tend to poop out the nutrients too that are required for them. These digestive enzymes are very important for a dog, and a deficiency of these enzymes could cause a dog to suffer from various ailments. Which is why, they tend to eat their own poop or some other dogs’ poop to get back the lost nutrients. For study says, dog poop is full of nutrients.

  • EPI

EPI or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency is a condition in dogs, where they little to no digestive enzymes in their body. In the absence of these enzymes, dogs begin to starve and there is a sign of weight loss, diarrhea, etc. Whereas, by eating poop, dogs can get the much-needed nutrients they need and fill in the gaps in their digestive system, making them healthy again.

  • Underfeeding

If a dog is underfed, they will probably eat their poop or some other dogs. Hungry dogs will look for poop to consume if there is no food.

  • Cleanliness

Yes, you have read it right. Another factor that leads to a dog to eat its own poop or another dog is to clean the area they are in. Dogs are known to often clean up after their pups’ poop to clean the nest.

  • Notice Box

Dogs love to be pampered. When they feel unnoticed they often gorge on feces for they know that a dog parent will treat them to some snacks and then spend an hour trying to explain it why it should not eat poop.

Now, let us tell you little ways to stop this habit:

  • When you see your dog poop, pick up as soon as they do it.
  • Keep your dog’s mentally and physically engaged which will keep their mind off eating poop.
  • Make sure your dog is eating wholesome food, like raw food. It contains a lot of digestive enzymes.
  • Check your dogs’ poop for any worms or parasites. Get medical attention if there is.
  • A study suggested that punishing them leads to eating poop, so avoid it.

Well, this is all you need to do to keep your dogs in check and to avoid eating poop.